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What's happening here?

Yes, this is the right place for you.

You can perform this task from your browser. It can measure all kinds of connection( broadband, mobile data, cable, LTE etc) You just have to browse this site and simply press the start button. Then the site calculates your connection speed in four parts(download, upload, ping & jitter).

The four easy measures are:

browsing / Download speed: It shows the speed of transmission of data from the internet to your device. It is mostly known as the browsing speed. Which basically defines everything about your connection.

Upload speed: It's the speed which indicates the data you send to internet.

Ping: Ping calculates the time taken for transferring data from device to server and vice verse. It is measured in ms as in milliseconds. The lesser value indicates higher speed.

Jitter: jitter is the opposite term of ping. It calculates the delayed time of sending data to the server. It is also measured in ms. Here the value should be lower to ensure a speedy connection.

Apart from these options, you can also share your test results with everyone on any social media platform. And also check the statistics of internet speeds around the globe. You can find out the internet speeds of other countries and compare your speed with them.

Through this speed test, you can easily know about your connection. After this you are aware of how much time your connection consumes to perform your command. And connect to everything with your dedicated speed